Green Wedding

We are committed to preserving this Farm for future generations and endeavor to create lasting memories for those who choose to spend their wedding day here.

As you review the facilities available for your wedding, we would like you to know a few other facts about the Farm of which we are proud. 

A Farm Forever
In 2012 Tyrone Farm was placed under conservation easement in order to permanently preserve the farm and protect it from potential development.

Solar Power
Tyrone Farm has invested in solar technology and our photovoltaic system became operational in Spring of 2008. The photovoltaic array at Tyrone Farm provides the vast majority of our electricity needs and is grid-tied to feed energy back into the electrical grid.

We recycle glass, plastic, paper, aluminum, and cardboard.

Adapting & Reusing Structures
Tyrone Farm is committed to the adaptive re-use of existing structures. By utilizing existing structures, we are conserving and creatively reusing historic buildings. Adaptive reuse is the process of adapting old structures for new purposes. The greenest building is the one that has already been built.

The Chestnut Barn, which was the home to animals of all sorts and sizes over the last 120 years, has been repurposed as a gathering space. The adaptive re-use of existing buildings conserves materials and embodied energy. Adaptive re-use is a key factor in land conservation and reducing sprawl.

Open Spaces
The majority of Tyrone Farm land is open space, primarily woods and fields. This land is recognized by the Town of Pomfret as prime agricultural land and much of it is currently used for agricultural purposes.