Frequently Asked Questions

How many other receptions or ceremonies may be going on during mine?
We host only one wedding a day and host a very limited number of weddings per year

Is Tyrone Farm open to the public?
We are a private estate with access limited to you and your guests, unlike many venues which are located in public parks or other areas that are open to the public during your wedding.

What kind of additional equipment fees are charged?
Many venues have a seemingly small site fee, but charge extra for a tent, chairs, tables, dance floor, etc. We include these in our site fee.

Can I select my own caterer?
Yes. While, many venues will only allow their own food to be served. We work with a variety of caterers in order to meet the desires of each couple.

Do I have flexibility in wedding/reception formats?
In order to accommodate their high volume formats, some venues have rigid requirements for how the wedding occurs. We are flexible in how the various spaces are utilized.

Are indoor and outdoor spaces available?
We have a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces available for you and your guests.

Is there an extra charge for wedding planning services?
Our wedding coordination services are part of your site fee. We provide telephone and e-mail consultation throughout your planning process. Additionally, we include three on-site planning meetings prior to your event.

Who owns and operates Tyrone Farm?
We are family-owned and operated.

Does Tyrone Farm have a policy regarding the environment and "green" weddings?
We are committed to limiting our environmental impact, have invested in renewable energy, and are a truly green wedding venue.